Clean all the things! And save energy while you’re at it

In addition to leaving your house in better shape, spring-cleaning mania can help us on our energy bills.

Key Points

  • Spring cleaning can save energy.
  • Dusting helps your electronics run more efficiently.
  • Changing your AC filters and cleaning your refrigerator coils reduce energy use.

I’m sure you remember that moment as a child. The air shifts. The sun shines. A bird chirps. And then your mom goes on a full out cleaning rampage. You and you siblings scurry to hide all your toys before they get caught up in the cleaning frenzy and delivered to Goodwill.  

Yes. It is officially spring. And it’s time to get our spring cleaning on.

Nothing is safe in the wake of my spring cleaning binger. Not a crumb will go unswept, shelf undusted or random puzzle piece left behind. Mr. Potatohead set with only one arm and an ear left? You’re out of here.

In addition to leaving your house in better shape, this yearly cleaning mania can help us on our energy bills. Here’s how:

  • Dusting - Cleaning off your electronics can lead to energy kgrlhdfljhdfljgdvings. All that grime can make your devices work a little harder – and pull more energy – to do their jobs.
  • Checking the vents - Don’t forget to tackle your vents to make sure air can circulate around your house easily. Easier air flow will help your furnace and AC run more efficiently.  
  • Changing filters - Check your furnace filter at least once a month to make sure it’s not full of dust and slowing your heater down. And while you’re at it, check your AC filter now to make sure it’s clean and ready for the warm weather. This helps the air quality in your home, and helps your heating and cooling systems use less energy.
  • Cleaning the fridge - While you have your vacuum out, check your refrigerator coils. If there’s dust built up on them, it’s probably making your fridge work harder to keep your food cold. A quick pass with your vacuum nozzle will do the trick.
  • Cleaning the ceiling fans - While you’re up there dusting, flip the switch to run counter-clockwise for the spring and summer. The added breeze will help your home stay a little cooler without the AC, and save electricity.

Happy cleaning everyone. And good luck saving those toys kids. If I were you, I’d start gathering them for safe keeping now.

Sarah FolslandSarah is mom to the two cutest little girls in the entire world. Before choosing to make changing diapers and reading bed time stories her full time gig, she earned an M.A. in Political Science from The University of South Dakota, worked in the Governor’s Office as a policy analyst and dabbled in communications at her local utility. Follow Sarah on Twitter @EnergyMommy.

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