Now more than ever, the energy industry is changing. 

Politics, government, big businesses, utilities, regulation, new innovations, activists and customers are shaping the price of energy right now. Do you feel like you have enough information for a seat at the table?

We're in this together.

We need to stay informed about the latest issues, learn about new advances in technology and understand how other people and businesses are keeping energy affordable.

We want to empower you.

Energy is a part of every facet of our lives. And what we get for the money is pretty amazing. We charge our phones to talk to our friends. We draw warm baths to relax from a stressful day. We freeze our ice cream and cook our food. It all takes energy. 

To keep energy affordable, we have to make smart choices. We have to share our ideas, our victories and our frustrations about the energy issues that matter most to us. This site will help us do that.

How this website is organized:

Why it matters

Learn about the external factors affecting the cost of energy like legislation, regulation, changing technology, renewables, energy availability.

Making a difference

Who's doing it right? How do they stay ahead of the game by managing their energy costs? What tools are available to help make smart energy choices?

What we're doing

What do energy companies do to keep energy affordable for their customers? The decisions energy companies make can greatly impact their customers, so they do not make these decisions lightly. Energy companies care about keeping energy affordable because the long-term success and sustainability of their communities depends on it.